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Managed IT

Security Monitoring

Real-Time Cost Effective IT Security Monitoring.

ROINRO IT's best security

Identify IT security threats real-time

Integrity File Monitoring


We monitor the file system, identifying changes in content, permissions, ownership, and attributes of files that you need to keep an eye on. Identifies users and applications used to create or modify files.

Intrusion Detection


Our system scans the monitored systems looking for malware, rootkits and suspicious anomalies. They can detect hidden files, cloaked processes or unregistered network listeners, as well as inconsistencies in system call responses.

Vulnerability Detection


We pull software inventory data and send this information to the server, where it is correlated with continuously updated CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure) databases, in order to identify well-known vulnerable software.

Incident Response


We provide out-of-the-box active responses to perform various countermeasures to address active threats, such as blocking access to a system from the threat source when certain criteria are met.

Regulatory Compliance


We provide some of the necessary security controls to become compliant with industry standards and regulations. These features, combined with its scalability and multi-platform support help organizations meet technical compliance requirements.

Configuration Assessment


We monitor system and application configuration settings to ensure they are compliant with your security policies, standards and/or hardening guides. Agents perform periodic scans to detect applications that are known to be vulnerable, unpatched, or insecurely configured.

Security Analytics


We collect, aggregate, index and analyze security data, helping organizations detect intrusions, threats and behavioral anomalies and we create intuitive and easy to read reports.

Log Data Analysis


We capture and read all events and logs, like operating system and application logs, and securely forward them to a central manager for rule-based analysis and storage.

Compliant with Managed IT Security.

Managed security is giving you compliancy.
Monitored IT Security sustains your Business Continuity and eliminates liability

IT Exellence

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IT Exellence

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9th years anniversary of excellent IT se
Our IT Experts worked on major projects  involving Financial and Strategic Business areas like Banks, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Hydro & Nuclear Power Generation, Retail, Food Industry and High Security Profile Government Services.
"Your success is our success."
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