Backup and Restore - saves you over $50 and provides you the following:
- setup your Windows PC, MAC Book, iPAD, iPhone, Smart Phone to backup your important data, so you can restore it later.($60 value)
- speed-up your computer and fine tuning ( storage fragmentation repair, boot load control) ($40 value)

PC Backup and Restore - prepaid

SKU: 923
  • The Backup and Restore function is essential to have in our days. Viruses, trojans PC infections and hardware failure is happening uninvited. Work and documents can be lost in a second and it can not be restored only if you had a previous backed scheduled to run with regularity. Don't wait for a disaster to happen, prepare ahead and protect your work and information.

  • 1.You buy Backup and Restore - prepaid. You can buy online by any major Credit Card and PayPal, or send us a check.

    2.Once you bought Backup and Restore - prepaid, you can call as at your convenience to setup Backup and Restore on your PC.

    3.One of our Backup and Restore Specialists will setup and configure your computer backup to run based on a an agreed schedule.

    If you don't use all your bought credit in a month we can add it to your TAB and use it for other services provided by us.