We provide UPS units with Continuous Power Services to enable sustained business continuity when power outages occur with lifetime exchange for UPS and batteries.

In any business you may have critical equipment that needs to run uninterrupted even during power outages or fluctuant surcharge of the power grid.

Critical issues may appear if a power outage happens and could afect production process to the point of stoping it. It would become impossible to finalize a printing procedure without power or maintain critical systems functionality while a power outage occurs. You and your clients may get very frustrated and unexpected costs due to liabilities that may occur.


Regular equipment used in a business:

 - 3D printer and accessories (6,000W-500W) (critical)

 - Servers (2000W-200W) ( critical)

 - Lighting (~1000W) (critical)

 - Storage arrays (2000W-500W) (  critical)

 - PC all in one (~800W) (critical)

 - Modem + WiFi Router + Network Switch (~300W) (critical)


 You only need half of a regular budget for purchasing as we provide a 50% discount on any UPS that is prchased under Evergreen Continuous Power Program. We enable a lower investent withh a greater protection. 


What we will do:

- perform a site visit and list all equipment that needs to be protected and respective power rating of each device. Alternatively, you can provide the info by simply taking a picture of your equipment and send it to us.

- provide wide range service options like installation, monitoring, maintenance and other programs.

- email you a detailed quote and present it at your convenience, to ensure you understand the benefits of each item added to the quote.

- provide continuous support to ensure you make the most of the Continuous Power Systems installed. 


We go the extra mile and thoroughly test each equipment connected to our systems to ensure proper functionality during a power outage. Additionally, with every site visit, we will be recording and analysing functionality and performance.


We are proud to provide you with our ultimate protection plan through Managed Continuous Power as a  Turn Key Solution where you will never need to buy replacement batteries or replacement UPS units. 

When power grid fails, keep your systems working with ROINRO's Evergreen Continuous Power.

Buy UPS at 50% with Evergreen Continuous Power

C$1.00 Regular Price
C$0.50Sale Price
  • Continuous power systems are used everywhere, from homes, hospitals, medical offices, engineering companies, web companies, data hosting companies to army and governmental agencies that need continuous power during power outages.

    Continuous power can be provided with Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) alone or combined with stand-by generators.


    Continuous Power Systems main benefits: 

    - connect directly to grid and to the device that is protected. 

    - eliminate potential device damages caused by grid fluctuations

    - sustain device functionality when power grid fails

    - reduce liabilities due to device unexpected failure

    - sustain Business Continuity when a power outage occurs for the duration of the UPS run-time

    - is plug and play

    - is more effective versus stand-by generators as it provides no interruption and protects the equipment

    - sustains longer run-time when using extended runtime battery pack.

    - easy system configuration 

    and many more features.

  • From buying to using, we make it simple for you.

    After your purchase we perform the following actions:

    1. Schedule a visit to create an inventory of the equipment that needs to be protected. You can choose to provide the info by simply taking a picture of your equipment and emailing it to us (same day). To customize your experience and solution, call us or email us your instructions.  We promise that you will have Continuous Power ready to plug and play.

    2. Provide and configure the continuous power units based on your solution design (usually the next day).

    3. Notify you about the shipping info.

    4. When you receive the Continuous Power System, just connect it to the device you have as per installation design and plug it in the outlet. As soon as it is plugged in and powered on, your devices are protected from power failure when power outages occur.

    That's it.

    Should you need more customization or support, we are here for you.


    With Continuous Power Systems, ROINRO keeps all your devices online when power is down.