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Evergreen Battery Replacement Pack gives you the initial batteries and a free life time battery replacement. You will receive super activated batteries forever as long as you have the Evergreen Battery replacent subscription. At any time batteries are underperforming for any reason you will receive free replacement batteries so you won't have to buy batteries anymore.

As long as you are enroled in Evergreen Battery Program you will be entitled to free battery replacements. 

The Evergren Battery Subscription enables a greater battery performance and extended runtime.

We are also providing you 24/7 support and scheduled remote assisted maintenenace worth hundreds of dollars, so you will never have a failing UPS because of bad batteries.

Our proactive aproach will help you to keep all you equipment running. By eliminating UPS failure, we are sustaining your productivity and business continuity.


We give you a discount of 10%  if you pay your subscription for one year.

We increase the discount to 15%  if you pay your subscription for 2 years.

And we give a larger discount of 20%  if you pay your subscription for 3 years.


With Evergreen Battery Replacemnt Subscription, you get free replacement batteries for life.


Here it is how we do it:


1. Let us know about your UPS units and when you replaced batteries last time for each UPS so we can make the list of your UPS units and time when batteries were replaced.

2. You enroll in the Evergreen Battery Program and we will contact you to run a maintenance schedule to identify the UPS and bateries status. 

3. If  you subscribed to monthly Evergreen Battery Program and the batteries fail within the first 12 months, we will be switching your monthly subscription to a 1 Year subscribtion adding the 10% discount, so you are always having good batteries and make the most of your spent dollar.


 Here it is an example with a UPS having a 12V battery with 7.5A which was replaced 6 months before you enrolled in Evergreen battery Program and failed after 11 months since it was replaced.

You saved already about 20$ as you paid monthly Evergreen Batery Program subscription for 5 months  and you paid only $4.5 and we will send you free of charge battery and switch your monthly subscription to Yearly subscription at 10% OFF. If you are already on Yearly subscription than you will just receieve replacement batteries and we will extend your yearly subscription for another year subtracting the existing months you already paid.

Overall you save over 50% and always have free replacent batteries and intelligent battery management so you will not have a battery failure.


If you are not yet enrolled in Evergreen Battery Program and your batteries failed and need replacement batteries, we will send you replacement batteries if you subscribe to Evergreen Battery Program  for 1 Year and receive a 10% discount.  At any time during the 1 year you will receive free replacemnt batteries and your subscription will be updated to a one Year subscription. 


We provide Evergreen Battery Replacement programs for Datacenters with thousands of batteries and we are the only company that is eliminating downtime due to increased reliability of our Evergreen batteries and the maintenance program provided.



Evergreen Battery Replacement 12Vx7.XA - Instant

SKU: 811272
C$22.00 Regular Price
C$11.00Sale Price
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