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New Business IT Essentials Setup and Configuration

To start your business successfully, you need professional IT tools and support. We provide the following services and setups:
1. Phone system $9/month – to communicate with your clients from home, office or your mobile, during business hours. The business system we provide has the following features:
- Local number is included
- 5 Virtual Extensions included (easy setup on computers, laptops, mobile phones or VOIP adapters)
- Caller ID, calling card, call hunting, call back, call transfer, forward, wait, record, music or advertising on hold
- Auto-attendant + virtual receptionist - record greetings, menus (press 1 for sales, 2 for ...) included
- Unlimited Voicemail
- Greetings + unavailable message
- Call Analysis

2. Website $3.95/month - Web business visibility with contact, products and services
-Web Hosting
-Design (First page design included)
-Domain Name (if available)

3. Email system + 5 accounts 1$/month

4. Facebook acc

New Business IT Essentials Setup and Configuration

SKU: 9331
C$199.00 Regular Price
C$179.10Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Start-ups are usually facing a great deal of disappointment as owners are faced with legal constraints, high cost IT services and security threats that can make them liable for millions of dollars. Learning all the things you need to do to get the business started is both hard and time-consuming to, but with our help you will be able to start your business in just a few days.

    Designing and hosting a new website might seem simple as several vendors advertise these services. However, what you buy from these vendors is nothing more than the “frame”, not the “painting”. Getting the “painting” done is a lot of work, while displaying it so as to reach the customers is even harder.

    Having a cell phone or a home phone might be sufficient for basic business needs. But if your business is growing you might need an auto-attendant,  so that you can record greetings and interact with your clients 24/7 without having to pay a receptionist. You will need features like call hunting so you won't check 3 or 4 voice mails (personal cell phone, business cell phone, home phone, business phone or other lines). You may need a phone on your computer so you can interact directly with your customers from your PC, or you may want to have all the voice emails coming to your email as a recording, so you can track your client's interactions with your business.

    Always look for an ally or a partner, to ensure you have somebody to rely on when you need it. Before your business becomes profitable, it may be difficult or even impossible to hire somebody full time or even part time, as the cost is too high and maybe the expertise is too low for the work to be done professionally. If you find a vendor whom you want to work with, we can migrate your existing services to them or we can help with any other project you might take on.

    At ROINRO, we understand the reality of budget constraints, low expertise level, reduced human resources, limited time, and we are ready to help you select and configure the best services possible for the lowest cost on the market. We are not advising you to get the cheapest services, but the most cost-effective and efficient ones that are tailored to your business needs. As we are always on the lookout for the best providers, we are ready to give the best options for your business services needs as we are vendor agnostic.

    We are an extension of your team and we are surely proud of it.

    Be business ready today with ROINRO.

  • 1.Once you buy the Business Essentials package, in 1-2 days you will be ready for business. You can buy it online by any major Credit Card or PayPal, or send us a check. Clients can interact with you through a website, Facebook, a professional phone system with Auto-attendant, custom greetings and much more. If you need more features, just let us know.
    2.Once you bought the Business Essential package, you will provide us with the information necessary to create your services, and we will start configuring your services.
    3.Same day or next day, your customers will start doing business with you in a professional manner.

    If you don't use all your credit in a month, we can add it to your TAB and use it for other services we provide. The subscription cost for the above mentioned services is not included in this package.

    Start your business today.


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