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If you have a Website and you would like to keep it protected, you will need a strong Website security. We will scan your website against open security wholes around your Website and provide you with a report on what is required to be fixed to strengthen you website security. We use the best PCI compliance security technology and tools, to better protect you from cyber threats.
Run your business safe knowing you and your customer's information is safe, and eliminate the possibility of million dollars liability fines from FTC or your customers.

Website Security Audit on demand - prepaid

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  • A website security audit is advised to be ran periodically, so to check your website security. When doing this, you ensure your website is capable to block hackers’ attempts to steal your customer information or taking down your website. The Internet is not a safe place for you data to reside, only if your data, website and external communication is encrypted. The volume of threats is keep on increasing and keeping a close look on security is critical in ensuring your business is protected. Check our Yearly Website Security Audit package.


  • The Website Security Audit provides a remote scan of your website with our specialized tools, performed by one of our IT Security Specialists. The Web Security scan usually takes up to 4 hours, when your website is checked against the known threats the website can be exposed to. Based on results, we are creating a report with the security gaps found in the system and advise if you need to take actions to restore the website security or if the website is secured. The Web Security Report will be sent to your attention by email. 

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