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Following security gaps, all your devices that connect to Internet or memory cards, memory sticks, Bluetooth, WiFi can be probed, infected or hacked. It is possible that when you leave your device unattended or when somebody you don't trust anymore has access to it, they could install software on your mobile device, phone, laptop, notebook. Due to this software, they can find your location or see the content of your emails, chat or text, without your consent. This is how employers are able to monitor their employees' activities.
Check with our security specialists to find out if your device is hacked or has software monitoring your GPS location and applications that send personal information like chat scripts, email contents, passwords or other private data.

IT Keeps You Safe.
Run your business safely knowing that you and your customer's information is safe, and eliminate the possibility of million dollars liability fines from FTC or your customers (see our News section).

Secure my Computer-PC-MAC-Linux-Mobile-Android-iOS

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  • Most devices come with standard security features which, by default, are not all enabled. In several instances, you buy your computers and mobile devices or somebody hands them to you. It is easy to assume that your privacy is protected. Most of the users don't know what applications are installed or who installed them, or if they are properly protected while working on these devices. Many companies do monitor and control your devices and your activity. There are countless applications for your computer or mobile that invade your privacy more or less legally, by sending voice, email, chat, text, GPS information to someone who wants to know your activity.

    Be aware that if you receive a phone, computer or even a key chain, purse or any other item, you could be located with a GPS device or your activity can be monitored and recorded 24/7.

  • There are multiple levels of security that protect your device and your data. As we worked with all security levels from home security up to National Defence security, we understand the importance of security strength and consistency. We recommend multi-layer security as it is the only one that provides a higher protection of your business or soho systems.

    We perform the following actions:

    1.Connect to your device

    2.Identify and correct the Operating System security flaws (such as security configuration, security patches, secure communication channels) and apply a device access policy that restricts any unauthorized individuals to gain access to your device.

    3.Identify all malicious applications (like key loggers, GPS tracking apps, screen capturing apps) and safely remove them from your device.

    4.Identify who installed them and when they were installed, if that information is available.

    5.Reinforce all applications security and protect (when device capability allows) voice, email, chat and text encrypted communicatation, so nobody will be able to tap into your conversations.

    6.Provide you with an email report outlining our findings and resolutions.

    IT Keeps Away Intruders.

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