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We provide Battery Replacement Services for UPS units. We travel to your location and provide assitance in replacing old batteries and installing new ones while testing the batteries and ensuring a propper installation.

Our Battery replacemnt process is perfected over many years of experience with UPS units and will help you keep your UPS in good shape for a long time.


We take special attention to all contacts to ensure a tight conenction in order to reduce the connection resistivity. We also inspect all the wiering to ensure safty and connectivity reliability. We are also providing a real-time testig to ensure each battery installed is having the needed capacity to support your ups.


After installation is completed, we are testing your UPS to ensure propper functionality.


In most of the cases the UPS battery replacement will be able to be performed on site. There are other situations when we have to deal with warped batteries and we will need to perform a special intervention that needs to be perfomed in our lab.  Due to acidic nature of lead-acid batteries there is a high danger of contamination, hence we require a specialized environment to replace and decontaminate the UPS from any acid residue.


After UPS battery replacement we are providing also the disposal services, to  ensure ZERO contaminants are not transfered into Earth, we olso offer a recycling program to ensure all lead-acid batteries are properly disposed of and recycled.


When power grid fails, keep your systems working with ROINRO's Continuous Power.



This is an estimate cost based on regular procedure. If additional work needs to be done, we will confirm that on site.

Contact to provide you with a special quote for special services.


Thank you for your business.

UPS Battery Removal + Installation + Disposal / 30 minutes

C$70.00 Regular Price
C$66.50Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Battery Replacement Services is provided to remove the old batteries and install new batteries required for the Uninteruptible Power Supply to work properly. The cables and connectors are inspected and connected propely.

    The battery replacement procedure can be performed in house by a user that is knolwdgeable in battery replacement procedures or by a UPS battery replacemnt specialist. 


    The lead acid batteries that will be replaced might have acid lickage and may have harmful acid vapors that can affect your lungs, eyes, skin and other areas where you will have contact with the battery acid.

    We are providing over the phone assited replacement with our evergreen program so you can replace it yourself while going through our safe and efficient procedures.

    In case you want a technician to install it, we can provide the Battery replacemnt service along with properly disposing the old lead acid batteries.


    Stay safe with ROINRO battery replacent assistance.

  • From buying to using, we make it simple for you.

    After your purchase the Battery Replacent Services, we make it simple:

    1. We are sheduling a site visit 

    2. We come on site and replace the batteries and test the UPS unit.

    3. We dispose the old batteries.

    Easy as 1, 2, 3..

    Should you need more help, we are here for you.

    Thank you.

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