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Monitor my website 24/7 for free

We are keeping an eye on your website.
Why paying when you can have you website monitored for free?
Subscribe now and send an email request to to add your website to our monitoring system. Your website will be monitored 24/7 for free, plust you get over 100$ credit in IT services.
You are in for more rewards once you join the ROINRO family.
Referrals and Rewards:
With every referral you and the referral recipient get 10% cumulative and you can split it the way you want. By default you recieve  5% in your account and the referral recipient receives 5% discount of the services purches by the referal recipient. If you want, you may use your credit towards your next purchase, you can accumulate your credit and receive a tablet, notebook, laptop, MAC-Book or any other device where you can test and use our services for a lifetime or we can transfer the balance in your bank account or paypal account. 
We are ready to invest over $100 in IT services for every canadian, that is over 3.5 billion dollars invested in you. 
More rewards are available for everyone who wants to make IT enjoyable.
It's simple, send us an email or give us a call now.
9th years anniversary of excellent IT se
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