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Backup Power for Print Shops

Total Protection and guaranteed more than 25% cost reduction! 


UPS protects 3D Printers

Managed and Monitored Smart UPS Power Backup for Printers

Smart UPS program for Printers


With our Smart Uninterruptible Power Supply we keep your Printers ON when the power outage occurs. The Smart UPS features allow us to maximize the run time, optimize power load and increase battery capacity. 

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Evergreen Battery Subscription

1. Enroll in Evergreen Battery Subscription

3. Free replacement battery after the first 6 months 

4. Over 50% more battery charge

5. Free battery disposal.  

6. Remote assisted or onsite maintenance.

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Evergreen Battery Program

1. Battery cost price match guaranteed.

2. Get 2 Year warranty. 

3. Over 50% more battery charge.

4. Free battery disposal. 

5. Free replacement battery during warranty. 

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Cost Effective


We provide Effective and Professional Uninterruptible Power Solutions for 3D Printers, reducing Total Cost of Ownership and enabling savings through our programs, incentives and discounts.

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SMART Stand-By Generators

We believe in keeping your Business Continuity at 100% at all times. That is why we combine our Instant Smart UPS Units for 3D Printers with Stand-By Generators to keep all your 3D printers ON when power grid fails.

Smart UPS Management System

We provide 3D Printer Smart UPS Solution Design, Deployment, Monitoring and Management. Our solutions include wired and wireless monitoring with pane of glass centralized Monitoring Suite and a support team ready to help.

Smart UPS Solutions protects your Printers 24/7.

Avoid downtime when the power is down, with our Smart UPS Solution you keep your Printers ON.
With simple deployment on your existing outlet, your Printers will be protected against power outages or high voltage created by lightning.
Go for Evergreen to pay less and have Total Protection and Life-time Warranty for batteries.

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