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IT POLICE to Protect and to Serve.


We keep IT safe.

Emergency Force 


Are you ready in case of a disaster?

IT issues can surface as a result of natural disasters, equipment failure, accidents or bad IT management. Our IT Emergency Force is ready to help you in the worst case scenario, either by sending the IT Emergency Force to you or prepare you for the worst case scenario with a DR plan and a Virtual Disaster Site that will keep your business ON at all times.

IT Forensics Team


Looking for a fingerprint or code in an IT Infrastructure is challenging or impossible for most companies. Our IT Forensic Team have expertise in identifying issues like malicious code , applications, documents, systems, users that are responsible for terrorist actions against your business or issues resulted from poor IT management of an IT Infrastructure. 

Cyber Crime Intervention Team


What is your cyber crime estimated loss?

Every day your business is exposed to cyber crimes that can affect your business continuity or business prestige. Cyber Crime Intervention Team fights Cyber Crime to stop and eliminate it. Our Task Force identifies the threat, quarantines it and eliminates the worst IT nightmares like ransomware, malware, virus, trojan horse and more.  

IT Law Enforcement


Are you aware of IT lax security liabilities? Knowing the IT law and enforcing it is our mandate, going from shielding your enterprise from malicious actions to reducing liabilities to a minimum. We bring you IT Law awareness, best practice, policies & procedures, secure communication systems, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Auditing and more.

Data Search and Rescue 

Do you have a good backup system? 

How much data can you afford to lose before implementing an active backup to keep your data in case of flooding, fire, equipment failure, system shutdown or in case you didn't save your document. Sending emails that you can not recall is affecting over 78% of the users. We even restore information from damaged disks and corrupted databases.

IT Encryption Task


Are you properly protecting your data?

Sending emails, storing data or sharing it is a trivial task. The security of the data becomes important only when you ask yourself who can get access to it and what they can do with it.

We have the means and knowledge to protect your data on your system or when you share it with others. Only authorized users should have access to your information, and we keep it that way.

IT POLICE stops Cyber Crime.


When IT POLICE is here, your fear will disappear.
Win the Cyber Crime fight with IT Police on your side.
When in doubt, give IT POLICE a shout.

IT Exellence

  • Support

  • Services

IT Exellence

  • Services

  - Remote IT Assistance

  - Onsite IT Assistance

  - Hosted and Managed IT

  - Architect IT

  - Secure IT

  - Audit IT

  • Support

  - Remote IT Assistance

  - 9-5

  - 24/7

  - Flexi

9th years anniversary of excellent IT se
Our IT Experts worked on major projects  involving Financial and Strategic Business areas like Banks, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Hydro & Nuclear Power Generation, Retail, Food Industry and High Security Profile Government Services.
"Your success is our success."
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