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A World of United IT


UIT is IT power.


We make IT better.

Be part of a greater IT

If you have your IT company and would like to provide more services to more customers, or you just want to achieve more, we are here to help you. Bonus? ZERO investment.

Share IT and gain


When your IT expertise is not fully used, share it with us on your terms and gain instantly. With us you can do more, know more and be more than you are now. When you are in UIT, you are family.

IT's help is powerful


IT's help is more powerful than ever, sustaining businesses core functionality and keeping nations safe. Together we are stronger in sharing the same values while building a better and safer IT world for our kids to grow in. 

IT ranking


We all know a lot, and we take pride in learning more every minute. We find ourselves in a social media world of ranking and rating that brings recognition and new opportunities. We are IT's best, and we know IT!

IT is secure


Because your private information is paramount, we do not share it with anybody else but the ones you agree with. We use the most secure communication channels to keep you in touch with your clients.

Pay IT


Any job you commit to and complete successfully  will be paid as agreed. Whether you are at your desk or on the beach, payment will come to you automatically. At UIT, we walk the talk.

UIT connects


United IT - UIT group keeps you connected with World best IT Club and a World of customers. Being part of UIT success positions you among the best IT resources, helping you learn, grow and become successful in a short time.
With UIT's help you are more powerful, as you will have all the help you need to engage in any project that might come your way. You manage IT the way you want and we all help you when you need us.

IT Exellence

  • Support

  • Services

IT Exellence

  • Services

  - Remote ITSupport

  - Onsite IT Support

  - Hosted and Managed IT

  - Architect IT

  - Secure IT

  - Audit IT

  • Support

  - 9-5

  - 24/7

  - Flexi

ROINRO's 9th anniversary of Business Excellence
Our IT Experts worked on major projects  involving Financial and Strategic Business areas like Banks, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Hydro & Nuclear Power Generation, Retail, Food Industry and High Security Profile Government Services.
"Your success is our success."
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