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Turn it OFF and ON again ... Seriously?


Fix IT yourself.

Which ISP connection is better? DSL, ADSL, VDSL, Cable or Fibre Internet?

Internet Service Providers have new technologies that surpasses the old DSL by greater than 10 to 100 times. The old and still largely used DSL/ADSL adapters, called modems feed Internet access to your laptops, smart phones, PCs and other devices by using the cables that are feeding your home or business phone. The same way the ADSL, VDSL and UFB adapters provide Internet to your consumers, though they can reach higher download and upload speed.

ADSL and ADSL 2+

Short for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, ADSL is a type of DSL connection that utilizes the  copper phone lines. The advantage of this kind of connection is that it doesn’t require any special lines to be installed, so it’s less expensive and more available than other forms of broadband. With ADSL, you can get up to 30 Mbps download speed, but upload speeds are much more limited. Speed is always affected by copper line condition. The new ADSL2+ is providing more download and upload speed.


Very-high-bitrate Digital Subscriber Line service is comparable to cable Internet in performance. Usually this technology can provide up to 10 times the performance of  a DSL/ADSL connection.

Not everyone embraces this technology as it requires more expensive equipment.



ISP through dedicated coaxial cable is comparable to cable to VDSL Internet as performance and reliability. Usually this technology can provide up to 10-15 times the performance of  a DSL/ADSL connection.

Many uses this technology as it doesn't require a phone line or dry-loop and it provides a great bandwidth availability.

Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB), also known as fibre Internet, is becoming more known on the market as consumers are pushing the download limits to Gigabit per second. UFB is using fiber optic cables with glass conductors which makes the connection more reliable than any other ISP technology. One of the major advantages is reduced ping response (time to respond) and symmetrical line (same download and upload speed)



When looking at all services and equipment costs, a standard DSL connection is far cheaper option and is likely available to you. ADSL 2+, VDSL  and Fiber offers faster speeds, but it is usually at a higher price point for both the service and compatible modem. Cable Internet and Fiber is more costly as it  provides more bandwidth and reliability.

Top ISP connection type

Ultra - Fast Broadband (UFB) - symmetrical 1GB download/upload

Cable - Coaxial cable ISP - - 150Mbps download/ 50Mbps uplod

VDSL - Very-high-bitrate Digital Subscriber Line service - 100Mbps download/ 25Mbps uplod

ADSL 2+ - 60Mbps download/ 15Mbps uplod

ADSL  - 24Mbps download/ 5Mbps uplod

DSL  - 6Mbps download/ 1Mbps uplod

How to choose the ISP ?

When selecting the ISP for your house or business, always look for the technology that your connection is provided. 

Fiber means your connection will be more reliable even when weather conditions are bad.

Fiber will give you more download/upload  speed if you chose the right package.

Cable will give you a decent bandwidth and with a good price point.

Check in your area the best IS providers and their offerings.  Select the ones that offer you what you want in terms of price point and bandwidth.

If you want to save, here are few tips:

Find the bundle that makes you bills go lower even if you get more out of the provider.

For instance if you can bundle your mobile phone account with home internet, you can reduce your bill by 15-40%. That is 

How to monitor your kids browsing experience?

There are several technologies to monitor you kid browsing experience, but we have one that makes it very simple and it is free.

Send an email to and we'll help you.

Chose your Internet Techncology DSL, ADSL, VDSL, Cable or Fibre Internet?

How to deal with coffee, tea, water spill on your keyboard

​I'm sorry to hear about the spilled coffee incident. The best you can do is to turn OFF your PC. Now dry your keyboard the best you can. Incline it on one side to ensure all the coffee/beverage is removed from the keyboard. Take a lightly wet paper towel and wipe your keyboard and keys thoroughly, especially if you had sugar in your coffee. If you can remove the keyboard from the computer, then dry it for a few minutes with an electric hair or hands dryer. If you do not have a dryer, turn your keyboard upside down and shake it well and leave it 10-15 minutes to dry. Once the keyboard is dry, you can connect it back and then start your computer. You should be good to go.

​Best of luck.

My Apple MAC Book or Windows PC / Laptop / Notebook / is frozen or not responsive

This phenomenon is common. There are a few things that you can do to restore your device to working conditions without much IT knowledge.

The old-fashioned and most succesful action is to power your computer OFF and ON, even though this process can corrupt some files/documents or even corrupt your system files.

Whether your computer can freeze temporarily or permanently, different steps needs to be taken in order to fix it.

Most often, the computer is temporarily frozen because too many applications are open or an application is using too many resources, or some of the drivers are not working properly. In this case you should open only one or two applications at the time or you should uninstall the software causing this issue.

If your computer is totally frozen and does not respond when pressing any keys, your computer needs a reboot. You should contact a Computer Repair specialist if the reboot does not unfreeze your computer.

If you don't fix the issue, you might lose all your files stored on your computer along with your computer functionality. Make sure you have backup running on an external storage.

Keep your PC or MAC computer running well

Anything we have needs care and computers are no exception to the rule. There are various computers designed to self-protect and self-maintain, but even so, we still need to ensure they are fine tuned and properly maintained in order to perform well.

So one of the most important things to remember is to avoid exposing your computer to dust, liquids, high humidity, sand, low and high temperatures. All these factors can affect your computer functionality to the point of complete failure.

If your computer does not respond promptly to your commands, you should check with a  Computer Repair specialist before it might be too late.

If you don't do preventive maintenance, you might have a slow-working experience or you might even lose all your files stored on your computer, along with your computer functionality.

Try not to access websites that are not trusted as they usually have many popup windows coming up when browsing. This is usual a sign of aggressive marketing or posibly a trojan/virus infection of your computer.

Make sure you have your backup running on an external storage, just in case you need to restore your system to a previously working state.

Who else in the world is providing remote PC support ?

The business world needs Remote PC support and there are many providers that provides software and  some providers that are providing the full services including software and technical expertise to resolve your PC issues or your Business PC issues.

Remote IT Support is a service that is in demand, as many companies or home users are in need for a fast and competent IT help with a low price tag associated. The main questions of all the providers is "How can we bill more our clients, sometimes spending more time on the IT issue or using a lower level expertise resource?". All this is true with all IT providers, except us.

We provide subscriptions or a fixed price for the issue before we start working on it, giving you assurance that we will resolve the issue as fast as we can, using the most competent resources, while protecting you from having a billing surprise when the work is done.


For a Remote IT Support or Onsite Support we guarantee the resolution of the issue, so you can rest assured that we will fix the issue, no matter what the issue is.

For Hosted and Managed IT Services we use the most secure and resilient hosting facilities and services. These features bundled is helping you reduce cost by eliminating Datacentre footprint, maintenance, security, licensing  and more, while enabling a High Available IT Infrastructure to support your business.

Grow your business fast with our IT Architecture and Project Management, which is bringing you the long yerned Engineered Business Seed and the Business Success Recipe that you were looking for. 


We do not have magical powers, we have IT knowledge and experience that worked for a wide range of IT projects involving Local and International Companies, Governament and National Defence. 


We are dedicated to your Business !



Here are few providers of the Remote PC assistance software :


- Remote IT Support by MAXfocus (easy Fast Remote Support Software with free 30 days trial)

- GoToAssist with Remote_IT_Support by GoToAssist (Assist anyone, anywhere and on any device free for 30 days)

- TeamViewer  (Be right there right now online meetings, remote support, remote access)

- LogMeIn (Remote Desktop Services)

- FixMe.IT with Remote Desktop by TechInLine

- more


Here are few IT Support Providers:


- Remote IT Support London with Remote IT Support Helpdesk by HTL London

- Mccinc with IT Support Services by Mcc Inc.

- DigitalFire with Monthly IT Support by Digital Fire Inc.

- Horn-IT with GTA IT Consultants  by Horn IT Inc.

- Conectability with IT Service and Support by Conectability Inc.

- Remote IT Support India  with IT -support by VirtualEmployee

- GlobalStormIT with Remote Desktop IT Tech Support Services by Global Storm IT Inc.

- GeekBudy with Remote Support for All Desktop PC Repairs

- 365IT Solutions with Remote Help-Desk Software Support by 01com Inc.

- Outsource2India with Offshore remote IT Support by Outsource To India

- TheComputerClinic with Remote-Support by The Computer Clinic

- WesternIT with Worry Free Computer Service, Support and Repair by Wester IT Inc.

- Support I.T. with Helpdesk IT Support by Jolera

- DigitalFire with IT Support from Digital Fire Inc.

Here are some great places where you can get more info about IT field:

- IT service management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

- IT Services

- IT Services - Ricoh

- IT Services | Delivering responsive, innovative IT to the University of ...

-Trust-ITServices | Trust-IT is an international marketing & research ...

How to transform your Android Mobile in Apple IOS Iphone

To change your Android phone into a IPhone look is easy and you could do it in several steps.

The main differences between Android and Apple IOS consist first in the screen design and functionality and second, in the way users are interacting with the device.



If you would like us to help you, give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you.


Here is a video on how to Change your Android Phone into an Apple Iphone.


If you need more info, just click here to search for more related videos.

Blue screen of death on my Apple MAC Book or Windows PC / Laptop / Notebook

When you see the blue screen of death, don't be scared, it is a comon problem and can be easily fixed most of the time.

The most succesful set of actions are the following:

Option 1 - Power Off and ON your computer

Option 1- restart you computer in "safe mode"

Option 1- uninstall the last driver or application installed.

Option 2- restore the system to a previously working state.

Your computer might have hardware issues with memory, mother board and/or drivers that were not installed properly or are incomatible with your  computer. In this case you need to fix this issue by yourself or contact a Computer Repair specialist.

If you don't fix the issue, you might lose all your files stored on your computer along with your computer functionality. Make sure you have a scheduled backup running on an external storage.

How to fix my Internet Explorer browser if it is slow or it is not working well?

When you feel your Internet Explore browser is working slower than usual, or you cannot change settings you use to be able to change, or you receive various unusual messages, you might have to check it.


Click to check my Internet Explorer for any issues and make it run faster.

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