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UPS Rental

Pay less and get more. 
Always ON, maximum
runtime, free monitoring and free management.


Rent a Smart UPS Power Backup today

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Rent a Smart UPS


With our Smart Uninterruptible Power Supply Rental we provide fully charged UPS to keep your equipment ON when a power outage occurs. We maximize run time so your devices run for much longer than regular UPS units.

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UPS protects 3D Printers

Smart UPS Battery


With always fully charged high performance smart UPS replacement batteries we deliver a longer run-time of your equipment due to greater battery capacity that is enabled by our smart ups maintenance programs.

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Free Replacement Battery

You are always receiving free fully charged replacement batteries whenever is needed. We always provide great service and a 100% around the clock protection for your equipment with our UPS rentals.

Cost Effective and Smart

Instead of paying thousands or dollars to buy a UPS, you can pay a small monthly subscription and have us install, manage and replace UPS batteries, so you can focus on growing your business, while we ensure the best protection for your devices.

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Rent a Stand-By Generator

We believe in keeping your Business Continuity at 100% at all times. That is why we can combine our rental Smart UPS Units with Stand-By Generators to keep all your equipment ON when the power grid fails.

Smart UPS Management System

We provide Smart Cloud UPS Design, Monitoring and Management. Our solutions include wired and wireless monitoring with pane of glass centralized Monitoring Suite and a support team always ready to help.

UPS add-on service

If you don't have an electrical technician, we can provide on-site installation, maintenance, monitoring and battery replacement.

We also provide shipping and careful handling to ensure the UPS is delivered safe and in working condition to your facility.

Sizing and UPS System design

Our engineers provide Power System sizing and design for N+1 power backup systems used by data centers, server rooms and industrial equipment. We provide autonomous Network shutdown and power-up design and implementation with laboratory testing before deployment.

Renting a Managed Smart UPS is smart.

No big expense, no contracts, no heavy lifting, no worries!
Rent today, and we take care of the install, battery replacement, maintenance, upgrades and everything else.
Eliminate back pain due to heavy lifting of UPS units or batteries, let our trained technicians do that.
Free replacement battery any time is required. 
With our Rent Smart UPS Solution we protect and keep  your equipment ON when power failure occures.

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Our IT Experts worked on major projects  involving Financial and Strategic Business areas like Banks, Telecommunication, Oil & Gas, Hydro & Nuclear Power Generation, Retail, Food Industry and High Security Profile Government Services.
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