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What a Real Estate Agent needs to bring more business?

I’m sure you’ve heard all the stories, and most of them might be true, but here is our 2 cents on this issue.

To be successful as a Real Estate Agent is to sell more properties and sell them fast.

How can you do just that, you may ask, and how an IT company could help you achieve consistently a boost of sales?

It is known that IT (Information Technology) is the core component that drives the most successful businesses, Real Estate is no exception.

Either you are working for a real estate agency or you have your real-estate family business, you need to use the most optimized systems to make you more productive. With the right strategy and the right team behind it you can become a champion in no time.


Here are a bundle of key features that makes you successful:

-         Have a website

-         Add information to your website that will make it wanted in the real estate, sellers and buyers communities

-         Run monthly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure you will be found on Google , Bing, Ask and other search engines as well as keep conected on twitter, facebook and more

-         Post on your website other’s agents properties which will help you refer clients and gain popularity and commissions

-         Keep an open communication channel with your potential clients through phone, chat or automatic Phone or Chat auto-attendant through a smart phone system that reduces the need for you being available to answer it.

-         Make yourself popular through mass mailing Newsletters

-         Keep your computer and documents safe through periodical checkup, encryption and backup.

-         Have cost effective photographer, virtual tour, printing and marketing services

-         Keep all your IT functions running with hosted and managed IT services to ensure you are running protected 24/7

-         Have a nice and clean marketing sign in front of any property that you are selling and add “stick into the ground” signs at every intersection in the property proximity

-         Have a few real estate market reports posted on your website

-         Have a laptop when you meet clients to show them your website, services and properties of interest

-         Send your clients scheduled emails with properties of interest as well other properties that you have in your portfolio and information about your recent sales from linked your website

-         Use local door to door marketing systems to make yourself known


We have more tips for you to become more successful than you are today.


You need to have a system that works for you and not you working to keep the system running.

Give us a shout if you need help. We can help you with all of the above for a fixed price per month.


The Success Key of a Real Estate Agent

Your success is our success.

What you should take into consideration when selecting your IT Support provider?


-         expertise level required for your issue to be resolved

-         pool of IT expertise available to work on all your IT related issues like network, servers, applications and more.

-         clear pricing model to protect you from having billing surprises

-         emergency services to help restore any IT issue in a timely manner fashion

-         hosting and managing capabilities to ensure your systems are 24/7 monitored

-         security services that will protect your IT Infrastructure from the ever growing wave of cyber threats.

-         IT system architects that will optimize your IT operations

-         application software engineers and designers to allow you to bring you company’s best in front of your customers

-         IT project managers that will allow you to focus on growing your business while implementing new It technology to support your business.

-         reduced time to resolution through instant expertise availability, remote support and ticketing system to track the issue resolution.


Why ROINRO IT Support?


Our subscribers receive $100 worth of IT services, so you can start using this credit at any time you need IT Computer support, either is for home or business.

If you like our services, recommend them to your friends and they will get up to 10% discount, while you will receive up to 10% from the total invoiced amount. Help a friend and we'll give you a great reason to celebrate friendship.

Swiftly and reliably fixing your IT issues

IT Onsite Services are needed in any office whatever the profile: real-estate, medical, commercial, mechanical, engineering, architectural, marketing, or any other environment with one or multiple computers, connection to Internet and productivity applications.

Understandably, business owners wish to increase productivity and ensure the business is running at top speed, under maximum security and without a glitch.

Our expertise will make your employees more productive, less stressed, while ensuring business continuity with our enterprise IT Architecture.


Here are the basic advantages when working with us:

  • We can fix your computer or mobile remotely, or we come on site.

  • We provide you with free remote computer diagnostic, so you are aware of the issue.

  • We give you a flat rate for fixing the IT issue.

  • With your agreement, we start fixing the issue immediately or we schedule it for when you are available.

  • You pay the estimated cost and if the issue is more complex than estimated, we are covering for it. No billing surprises for you.

  • For hardware components replacement or software licensing we ask for your approval before provisioning them.


Managed IT Systems for you and your Business

  • Provide IT Audit and Remediation for your Home Network or for your Business IT Infrastructure remotely or on site.

  • Host and Manage IT services for your Home and Business.

  • Enable a low and predictable cost for IT Services to help you grow your business..

  • Help you to focus on your Business while we are managing all your IT Business needs.

  • Cover all your IT expertise needs so you don’t need to chase another IT provider.

  • Facilitate accelerated business growth through a scalable IT Infrastructure and Support.

  • Secure your assets and IT systems through multi-layer Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems - IDPS..

  • Design and Implement optimized IT Infrastructure architecture that enable high productivity and reduce operational cost.

  • Use agile Application Development Life Cycle to optimize application time to market, cost and resources.

  • Support IT Projects by using combined proven Project Management frameworks.

  • Migrate or open a new Office or Data Center.

With our IT services you are always protected and in control.


Find out more.


We resolve IT issues before they surface or you can experience it.


ROINRO IT Support Team 

9th years anniversary of excellent IT se
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