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Onsite IT Services

When we are here, your IT issues disappear.



IT Onsite Services are needed in any office whatever the profile: medical, real estate, commercial, mechanical, engineering, architectural, marketing, or any other environment with one or multiple computers, connection to Internet and productivity applications.

Understandably, business owners wish to increase productivity and ensure the business is running at top speed, under maximum security and without a glitch.

Our expertise will make your employees more productive, less stressed, while ensuring business continuity with our enterprise IT Architecture.



Migration to cloud - Google Cloud or Microsoft 365 - Email - Productivity Tools - Collaboration Tools and more

As any business is trying to keep operational costs down, we witness an increased number of IT services being migrated to the cloud. Consequently, services that were previously kept in house are added to the migration list, as they can be relatively easy to migrate and they bring considerable cost reduction, incresed scalability and resilience. Examples of such services include email (Microsoft Outlook & Exchange server, Notes & Domino, etc.), editing tools (Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, etc.), instant messaging tools (Notes Same Time, Microsoft Lync, etc.) and collaborative tools (Microsoft Sharepoint, Domino Databases, etc.)

Google and Microsoft are now offering a great range of cloud services. Therefore, you can rest assured that you can safely migrate your services on their platform and increase performance, usability, features, reliability, all this while reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and OC (Operational Cost).


Our team can do all the above in less than a month. We guarantee all results.


Why woud you migrate your email or productivity tools to cloud?


There are many reasons why you should migrate your email and other productivity tools to Cloud. The most important ones are:

- dramatically reduced cost

- increased productivy, interconnectivity, compatibility

- Increased security (SSL encrypted channels and system and user identification)

- Increased reliability through Highly Available systems

- extreme portability (you are able to use it on any platform MAC/Midows, Android, IOS, etc.)

- zero in-house footprint, cooling, security, expertise, application installation (works through your browser)

- consistent support (wide range of expertise available for any issues you might experience)

- reduced liability risk

- no maintenace required

- zero investment

- predictable cost

- easily scalable

- no contracts


How much can I save if I have 10 users?


Depending on how many servers you have, usually you save over 20K (1 server)-100K (6 servers) in hardware cost, licensing fees, footprint and hydro.

Besides the above-mentioned cost, there is also maintenance and expertise fees. What's more, when  systems do not work properly, unexpected expenses always occur.

It is very expensive, hard or impossible for you to build the same level of security that you could otherwise buy off the shelf with cloud or private services. 


We make IT simple for you.

Network and Electrical Wiring and Conectivity

If you are building a new office or relocating your office or IT Data Center, IT Room or Data Room, we are here to help you all the way, from Design, Project Management and Deployment. We provide Electrical expertise to size and install fiber channels, CAT6, CAT5e, CAT3, Coax, wireless access points, video surveillance, electrical panels, outlets, lighting, raised floor, underfloor electrical or network channels and outlets, smart meeting table outlets, sound systems or lighting control. With our services, your business is up and running in no time.

Our design team will help you reduce your electrical bill, up to 90% with new LED lighting and auto-shutoff lighting with motion sensors and multi region control.

Our Project Management team will keep you updated during all steps as the work progresses. For example, scheduling resources are always coordinated with your landlord's availability, so as we can perform the quality work we are proud of, both on-time and on budget.


We keep IT simple.

Windows or MAC Computer Installation and Configuration

Whenever you renew the computers in your office or hire new employees, you need specialized IT personnel to recommend and supply the right computer and install the applications that will enable them to be productive. Besides providing cost effective computers, we also ensure that computers are powerful enough to support your business.


What we do need to know?


We will ask for an Assessment site visit or an Assessment remote session during which we identify and define business requirements. In doing that, we will spend the least amount of time in your office while meeting or exceeding your expectations. We also ensure the computer will be running at top speed, enabling high-user performance and productivity for at least a few years to come. This is one way you can protect your investment and provide fast ROI (Return of Investment) through employee high productivity.

Once we know the applications needed to run, the number of displays and resolution required, we will provide you with options related to price/performace and we will advise you which is the best computer for your employee.

Only after we have secured your approval or agreement, we will supply the computer and install the applications needed on your employee desktop.

Any other devices such as desk phone, keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer, tracking pad, backup drive, MAC time machine, MAC Air, multi monitor, etc. can be installed and tested at the same time.

Depending on your available timeframes, we will help you with your IT project, and we will send you an email confirmation.


What should I know before asking IT for help?

You don't need to know IT to ask for IT help. We will define the necessary work to be done based on your business needs. If you know the project scope, we will follow your plan to completion.


Why should you upgrade your office computers?

In most of the offices, employees are working only as fast as a computer can work. In many cases, employees become frustrated with slow or freezing computers. On many occasions, employees wait for the computer to run a report for as long as 15 minutes, or they wait for the computer to finish precessing documents or other tasks. All this is making the employees unproductive. Therefore, due to low productivity, your business would require more employees, which leads to lower profits. On the other hand, if you had employees working on fast computers, you would be able to reduce personnel and increase your profitability, while boosting productivity.


Reduce stress and boost productivity and profitability! Start now.

Windows PC or MAC Computer Virus, Trojan or Spyware Removal

Some of the signs indicating that your computer is infected with a virus or trojan are clicking frequently on popup messages or seeing new browser windows opening automatically. Any other computer behaviours that you feel are not usual or normal may be signs that your computer was infected with spyware. Although a mild infection, spyware can hinder your productivity and even send unauthorized information to malicious sites.

All these malicious actions can lead to identity theft, compromized privacy or hacking.


What you should do?

Call an IT specialist to identify and remove the virus, trojan or spyware that cause your computer to be slow or unusable.


What we can do?

We can connect to your computer remotely if internet connection is available or come at your location and identify and remove the virus, trojan or spyware invading your computer.

We can install an application to ensure you would not be exposed to viruses, trojans or spyware in the future and your computer will be entirely protected at the office or when you are travelling.

We can check all your documents and desinfect them in case they were previously infected with malicious codes.

We will monitor your computer for a period of one month to ensure your computer is running fine.

A report will be provided to you, indicating which malicious software was found and what actions were taken to be remove the threats.



In some cases we recommend a computer rebuilt, especially if the infection level is beyond satisfactory or optimal repair. 


Keep IT safe and virus free.

Fix PC or MAC - Upgrade PC or MAC - Broken Screen - Old baterry - Fix CPU Memory Keyboard Fan .png

We can fix or upgrade your computer, be it Windows or Machintosh, Laptop or Desktop or any other IT devices such as printers, scanners, tablets. When accidents happen, like dropping your laptop or pouring coffee on a device, or when you feel that your computer is too slow or you don't have sufficient storage, don't rush and buy another computer, as we may be able to fix your older one faster than you think and at a lower cost than buying a new one. The reality is that buying a new computer involves spending many hours to reinstall all the applications you previously had and to migrate all the data you saved over time.


How do we fix your computer?

You can call, text or email us and let us know what is the issue.

We can come and pick up your computer when you are available, or you can bring it to us.


How much will it cost?


With ROINRO fixing your computer is simple as you know exactly how much you will pay.

We charge a minimum of $49 to replace a screen, laptop keyboard, CPU, hard drive, memory or any other components.

If you have credit or a discount code, now is the time to redeem it and make your computer work faster.


How long it might take to fix it?


Depending on the issue and parts available, you might have it fixed the same day or you might need to wait for few days until the parts arrive and are installed.

We thoroughly inspect and test your computer after a new component is installed, so you can rest assured that your computer is working 100% to your satisfaction.


While we fix your computer, we can loan you one so you can continue to be productive even while your computer is getting fixed. We will provide you with the productivity tools needed to keep you working.

A loner computer is 9$ a day (deposit is required).



Please keep in mind that you should have all your licenses when we need to rebuild your PC. We can provide Licences for Operating System and Application if needed at market cost, or we can advise you to buy it online or from stores closer to you.


Fix IT and make it run faster than ever before.

Build, Reorganize or Move Datacentre or Office

Building, moving or reorganizing your Datacentre, Server Room or Office is a big task and requires personnel with expertise in various fields and multiple skills. Our expertise pool includes Project Managers, IT System  Architects, IT Technicians, Electricians, IT Network Specialists, Movers, Cleaners, Purchasing Specialists.

If you want to build, reorganize or move your company' office, Data Center or PC Room, you would need to submit requests for various permits like Electrical Permits, Building Permits, Fire Department Permits and so on. 

It is a tedious process to select a wide range of vendors to create an office space ready for business. 

Scheduling all resources in an agile fast track project management cuts down the time to business office readiness.

We take the load off your shoulders when building or moving your business space, so you can concentrate on your business strategy, rather than administrative tasks.


How dows this work?


You can call, text or email us and let us know what you want to do.

We will contact you to discuss the business requirements and provide you with a quote.

If we agree, we will proceed with the process.


How much will it cost?


There are many companies that offer a small quote and then they increase/adjust it over and over.

You will have no surprises with ROINRO: you will know the cost before we start the work, and it won't change, unless you change project requirements (an example would be when we reduce or increase costs depending on the equipment purchasing value).

Please note that you can count on our discretion and confidentiality, which are reinforced by DND agreement. Any information related to the project, personnel and business assets will not be disclosed with any other party.


How long will it take to build or migrate Office space or a Datacentre?


An office for 10-100 users can be built in 5-50 days, depending on the office initial state and if all permits are ready and valid.

A Datacenter with 10-100 servers can be built in 2-30 days, if wiring, equipment, permits, electrical, footprint, cooling are ready.

Reorganizing a Datacenter with 10-100 servers, 2-10 network equipment, 15-300 network cables, 12-220 power connections can be done in 1-15 days.



The duration of the project might be shorter or longer, based on the project requirements, complexity and resource availability.

We meet or exceed your expectations in everything we do. You will be the judge of IT.



Our advice is always in your best interest. Our solutions help you meet deadlines, lower cost and provide high work quality and performance. Please be aware that permit fees, Internet connectivity, Hydro and all the other vendors might need your company information in order to engage in service contracts. You are the decision maker when it comes to any service agreement with all vendors involved. Alternatively, you can delegate this authority to us for specific agreements.


Build, reorganize or migrate IT fast, reliable and on budget.

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