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The APC Network management Web/SNMP Card is a network device for your uninterruptible power system (UPS) that provides both SNMP and HTTP compatibility.

The Web/SNMP card provides ports for zones controll and external port for external temperature monitoring.

It can connect to a twisted-pair Ethernet network (10/100BaseT) using an RJ-45 connector.

It is also capable to autodetect network speed so it simplifies the connectivity requirements.
With the Web/SNMP Card, you can monitor the UPS several different ways:
-using a Web browser such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer to monitor
and manage the connected UPS
-using your Internet-ready cell phone or PDA (personal digital
-using SNMP-compatible network management software
(ROINRO provided based on request) to monitor the UPS in a method similar to that of other network devices.
The management Web/SNMP Card also supports remote monitoring and
shutdown of UPS-protected computer systems. 

With extensive capabilities to monitor a wide range of UPS parameters you are always in controll of your UPS systems.

APC Network Web/SNMP Card

SKU: A389156
C$521.00 Regular Price
C$468.90Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • In addition, theNetwork Management Card has the following features:
    -Hot-swappable, simplifying installation by allowing you to install the card safely without powering down the critical UPS load.
    -Configuration from serial port, Telnet, SSH, HTTP Web browser,
    Bootp, or DHCP.
    -Management from HTTP Web browser, Internet-ready cell phone or PDA, or SNMP management software.
    -E-mail notification of changes in the UPS status through SMTP
    (simple mail transport protocol) via e-mail client software, a PCS
    (personal communication services) phone, or alphanumeric pager.
    -Support for  RFC-1628 Standard UPS management information bases.
    -Firmware upgradable through a Microsoft Windows utility using a
    network connection.
    -Scheduling function to control UPS shutdowns and startups.
    -History log files (data and events) for recording power problems.
    -UPS status information available to registered NetWatch clients for
    automatic shutdown of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Novell
    NetWare, Linux, and UNIX.
    -With a special Status@aGlance page, a color-coded background on your Web browser providing quick visibility of the UPS status.
    -Monitoring of two normally-open or normally-closed contact devices through a connection to the configuration port 
    -Compatible with most of the APC UPS units that are network capable.

  • User Manual

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