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The Business Public WiFi Hotspot is a service that Businesses use to atract more clients, to keep clients for a longer time on site and to enable them to see their products, services and deals as well as to reward them instantly with coupons, vauchers or points.

The Wi-Fi Hotspot is proven to bring more clients, increse client's loyalty and help clients make purchasing decisions faster than before.


You are set if you already have our compatible WiFi-Accesspoint/WiFi-Router, otherwise you can use one of the compatible WiFI Accesspoints/WiFi-Routers and we will provide remote setup assintance or we can send you a preconfigured one so you can easily connected it as simple as Pug and Play. With only one cable to connect, it can not be more simpler than that. We provide a WiFi HotSpot Turn Key Solution with our preconfigured system with ZERO setup time on your end. Simply plug it into the outlet and Internet and see your clients connect to it. That's easy.


Capture clients email and name as well as other optional information and build a customer contact portofolio to use it for your marketing campaigns. We are providing  managed Wi-Fi Hotspot System including deployment remote assitence and devices and accessories required for the system to work.
We will setup the Wi-Fi Access Point, create a cloud WiFi Captive Portal account, setupa default landing page with your logo and much more, so you have more time to focused on your business. We enable a page redirection after clients are accepting terms and conditions so they can always see your products and services every time they connect to your WiFi.

We help you bring more clients every day, keep your clients happier than ever and bring your business recognition through the web and through your products that are visible not only in store but on the client's laptops , cell phones and other smart devices.


Our pay-as-you-go monthly subscription brings you our Managed Business WiFi HotSpot Services, meaning that yo simply don't need to pay anything else but the subscription to start having Public WiFi and Marketing as well as a great support behind it as you woud have a team of experts working only for you.

We are sure you'd like it our services 100%, as we are commited to provide excellent services for you and your clients 24/7. Saving your money it is another way to say Thank you for your business. We have other ways to say thank you; new customer discounts, volume discounts or when sharing your story withour friends.


Managed WiFi Hotspot Services, no shipping cost, free assisted installation, no hassle !


Should you need a new Internet connection, we would gladly provide you one. 

Run your business in a fast pace with ROINRO's Managed Business Public WiFi Hotspot.

Managed Business Wi-Fi Hotspot - 56% OFF monthly

SKU: 9440
C$45.00 Regular Price
C$19.80Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Public Wi-Fi Hotspot was created from the need for business to advertise their products to a larger number of clients. This need created a new Wi-Fi service that enable the clients to connect to Internet for free, with the condition that each user will provide authentication information in the form of an email account ( or social media account (Faceboo, Google+, LinkedIn or other). When client is connecting to the Wi-Fi he is forced to authenticate and if successfull he will be presented with a Landing Page designed  to show him products and services advertised by the business  that provides the HotSpot services.

    This method of advertising enables businesses to accelerate client's buying process through various incentives, like discounts, vauchers, coupons or points and helps to create larger and more focused marketing campaigns.

    A Wi-Fi HotSpot main benefits: 

    - more clients 

    - incresed customer loyalty

    - brings client's contact 

    - larger and successful marketing campaigns

    - focused marketing campaigns

    - allow customer instant bonification (coupons, vauchers, points, sales)

    - keeps customers for longer period in store focused on your products from your landing pages.

    Here a few Businesses that have Public Wi-Fi Services:

    - Restaurant Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Medical Cabinets WiFi Hotspot

    - Shpping Malls Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Sushi Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Auto Shop Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Lawyer Office Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Engineering Office WiFi Hotspot

    - Bank Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Pizza Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Dental Office Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Gouvernmental Agencies Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Resorts Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Hotels Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Cotages Rental Agencies Public WiFi Hotspot

    - Bus Public WiFi Hotspot

    and many other busineses.

  • We make it simple for you, one step, from buying it to using it in one .

    After your purchase we perform the following actions:

    1.Setup the Wi-Fi Hotspot cloud account and provide you all the information about your Public Wi-Fi Hotspot (same day). Should you want us to customize your Hotspot you can call us and give us all details required. We promise you will have a Wi-Fi Hotspot with your business signature telling 1,000 words on all client's devices :).

    2.Provision and configure the Wi-Fi Access Point and ship it to you (usualy the same day)

    3.Notify you about the shipping info including a tracking number.

    4.As soon as you receive it we will give you a call or you can give us a call at your convenience so we can assist you in connecting the Pug and Play Access Point. The only thing you need to do is to plug the Access Point into the outlet (no power wires) and plug the network cable attached to the Access Point into your router on any port. That's it. You and your clients are able to connect to your Wi-Fi Hotspot.


     Should you need more customizations we would be glad to help you.


    We help you bring more clients, keep them connected to your products and services, make them more loyal to your brand and help them buy faster than ever through instant bonifications.


    ROINRO makes your business grow fast.

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