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Your Business need proven IT solutions that are cost effective and efficient. Studies show that a poorly managed IT Infrastructure will lead to business issues that can genrate risk.

We provide advisiory on strenghtening your IT Infrastructure in order to better support your busines growth and reduce operational budget.

Adding a higher level of performance and scalability while reducing opperational cost, allows your business to navigate successfully through hard economical times. 

We identify aras of improvement and isolate resource wasting processes so to ensure you are always moving forward with top speed and increased efficiency.


Applying edge technology with minimum investment enables high ROI and excellent results, boosting company agility and resilience.


Here it is wat we do:

You let us know if you are interested to help your business.

We schedule a call with you to identify business needs.

Based on your requirements we propose a plan to provide CTO advisory services. 

Upon your approval we engage with business stakeholders in achieving business objectives.

Our advisory services are guranteed to provide excellent results.

You Business is our focus and making it better is our mandate.


Chief Technology Officer - CTO Advisor - 3 hour session

C$799.00 Regular Price
C$599.25Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • A CTO Advisory Services gives you an experienced resource in aplying Information Technology to build or improve a company operations. As companies start or grow, they need scalable solutions to support business core functions. 

    An experienced Chief Technology Officer is capable of identifying the right systems for your business to run with an optimum cost and increased efficiency while provising a scalable framework for your company to grow. 

    Accelerate your business growth with CTO Advisory services.

  • The CTO Advisory session has 3 hours included, covering the information gathering process (1h), the administrative tasks(1h) and a an hour business meeting call with stakeholders (1 h).  We will advise you if extra time is required.

    1. Once we agree on CTO Advisory services, we will provide a meeting schedule.

    2. Next, one of our CTO will meet with business stakeholders to discuss your projects scope (Information gathering).

    3. We will prepare action items for the next meeting where we will present options and quotes for various critical paths for the project.

    If you don't use all your credit purchased in a month we can add it to your TAB (account balance) and use it later or for other services we provide.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

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