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Have all your IT systems on the cloud and save over 50% of your IT budget.

Desktop in the cloud and access it from anywhere through VPN.


Why Desktop in the cloud?

1. You can have all your apps and data in the cloud running just like on your desktop

2. You can access it from any laptop, tablet, smart phone anywhere you are

3. Work on VPS-Desktop just like you are in your office even if you are on vacation.

4. Your desktop can fail and you still have all your data and apps runing well

5. High Available systems and high speed connection up to Giga Bit.

6. Continuous backup keeps your data protected at all times.

7.  One click restore procedure gives you a previous version of your Virtual-Desktop 

8. You don't need to reinstall all the apps. Simply backup your system and restore it on the cloud system and you're done.

9. Doesn't matter what operating system you have, we can get it.


When you are a VIP and your data and productivity is paramount, you need to ensure you have it at all times. We enable you to be proactive, productive and keep your data safe.


Let's say you are on holidays and you don't have your laptop or desktop or not even your phone. If you have access to any computer with Internet, you will be able to get access to your virtual desktop.


You can always have multiple Desktop VPS so you can run in the same time multiple instances of applications. Sky is the limit on what you can do.


We always provide assitance with VPS-Desktop to ensure you are always running your apps at top speed 24/7. 


This is a VPS-Desktop turn-key business solution that is unique in North American market. We provide you a secure VPS-Desktop solution that simply works. 

Keep productive and safe with ROINRO's VPS-Desktop.

Clone Your PC in the Cloud -Monthly subscription

C$99.00 Regular Price
C$49.50Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • A virtual private server is a virtual computer sold as a service by an IT hosting service provider.  The IT service provider would allocate processong power , storage, memory and other resources needed to enable a comuter like system that works in an enterprise environment. Usually IT hosting providers are capable to provide more features than regular home computers. Somo of the features are high availability, online migration, self healing and other enterprise features. 

  • We make it simple for you, from buying it to use it takes one step.

    After your purchase we perform the following actions:

    1. Setup the VPS-Desktop with  Windows, Ubuntu or any other operating system that you provide.

    2.Restore on the new VPS-Desktop your recent backup and you are ready to work.

    That's it.

     Should you need more customizations we would be glad to help you.


    ROINRO keeps all your devices connected through best in class WiFi Bridge.

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