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Monitor all your Uninteruptible Power Supplies at a glance with unlimited UPS units or any other network devices. We developed a dashboard that can show you a clear picture of the most important KPIs of all your UPS units, Servers, Network Equipment, Desktops and services under each device. You will also have an inventory of modules within a device as well as all device parameters.  The customizable dashbords view allows you to monitor 24/7 the status of your UPS units, Servers and Network devices at a glance. It also reduces potential device failures due to lack of awareness of device status, helping you to increase business continuity with the help of 24/7 notification service.


You only pay a small fee for hosting the monitoring service for each device and a one time deposit for the equipment that we send it to you. You have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage for monitoring services.


You don't need any pogramming expertise, as we will help you to deploy the Monitoring System in your infrastructure and install the UPS Dashbord packages, as well as other dashborads and customizations.


We will provide you options for deploying this monitoring solution in your local or remote infrastructure or on our hosted infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your business, while you will have a managed monitoring system that works for you 24/7.


We are able to customize your monitoring system to meet all your business needs, monitoring performance or availability of all network connected devices.


The deployment project is plug and play with all the compatible devices. Simply connect it to your equipment and it will assign an IP through DHCP and it will add the device to the cloud monitoring system.


How we do it?

Once you buy our monitoring system, we will contact you to discuss the project details.

We will create the project deliverables and with your approval will proceed with project deployment.

We have a fast track project management which will keep you apprised of the progress.


We've deployed and manged monitoring systems for International and national corporations and with our expertise you can have an efficient monitoring system with practically zero footprint in your environment.

Monitor your Infrastructure 24/7 with ROINRO's Cloud Monitoring. 

Cloud UPS Monitoring with wired or wireless connectivity

C$999.00 Regular Price
C$499.50Sale Price
  • Network Monitoring system is used to check the status periodically of network connected deviced within your IT Infrastructure. The system that performs the monitoring is pooling information from each device through various methods and stores them in a database for furthure data manipulation and analisys. The user interface of a network monitoring system allows IT resources or business owners to easily visualize the IT Infrastructure devices status through meanigful dashboards. The Network monitoring System comes with a notification system that can use multiple methods like email alerts, SMS or text alerts, calls and much more.


    Network Monitoring System  benefits: 

    - creates device inventory through automatic device discovery

    - created device component list, allowing you to see all components that makes the device which helps identify the potential stand-by components that you might need to provision inc ase of failure

    - keep track of device status

    - groups devices based on function or any other parameters

    - shows geolocation of all devices

    - performs log management and identifies potentials security issues

    - keeps historical information 

    - analyses and displays  historical information and helps see paterns

    - shows sensors performance like temperature, CPU, Memory, Storage and more

    - shows network parameters and responses like ping time response, netstat, ip fragmentation, cisco parameters and much more

    - shows device dependencies and intrconectivity 

    - live support (optional) 


    and many more features for you to discover.

  • We make it simple for you, deploying already developed functions, dashboards or any other plugins or customizations made to meet your business needs.

    ROINRO keeps all your devices connected and monitored with best in class Network Monitoring System.

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