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The Eaton® 9355 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a true online, double-conversion, three-phase system that can be used to prevent loss of valuable electronic information and minimize equipment downtime. It is ideal for protecting essential information technology and electrical engineering infrastructure in corporate, telecom, health care, banking, and industrial applications.
The Eaton 9355 UPS continually monitors incoming electrical power and removes the surges, spikes, sags, and other irregularities that are inherent in commercial utility power. Working with a building's electrical system, the UPS supplies clean, consistent power that sensitive electronic equipment requires for reliable operation. During brownouts, blackouts, and other power interruptions, batteries provide emergency power to safeguard operation.
With the Eaton 9355 UPS, you can safely eliminate the effects of electrical line disturbances and guard the integrity of your systems and equipment. Figure 1 shows the Eaton 9355 UPS (20/30 kVA) with an optional Extended Battery Cabinet (EBC) and Options Cabinet.Hot Sync Paralleling Technology allows for paralleling of as many as four 9355 UPS units



The system is capable to provide backup power for dual or single phase equipment through automatic power regulation.


Two battery strings are included.  (Battery string cost is $1,401)


Battery strings capacity per ups - 6 battery strings .


You can purchase additional battery strings for extending the runtime.

You also can add a battery cabinet from our shop.


Are you unsure is this is the right choice or backup power solution for your equipment?


We provide UPS sizing for 3D printers, chillers, servers and other critical equipment in need for Continuous Power Services. We sustain your business continuity when power outages occur.


We size the UPS system acording to your equipment as to ensure proper functionality and protection.  When you have a critical equipment that needs to run 24/7 or you want to protect your equipment against dangerous electrical grid spikes that can damage your equipment.


Why do you need our services?

1. We have over 30 years in designing Uninteruptible Poswer Systems for large companies worldwide.

2. We gurantee the UPS we size and advise for you to use for your equipment will protect and support your equipment during a power grid failure.

3. We provide the connectivity design and documentation for your to install the Uninterultible Power supply based on electrical standards in your area

4. We provide the connectivity design including outlet type, cable type, plug type, direct connect system and wire type required for the system to work properly.

5. We provide options for provisioning services including delivery of the Uninteruptible Power Solution and all components required for the system to work.

6. We provide options for Project Management for the Power Solution design and deployment.

7. We provide options for Power System Cloud Monitoring, Notification Services and  Analytic Services, to ensure your Power System is always on and working properly.

8. We provide options for Maintenance Services (UPS battery checkup, testing and cleaning):

- Sylver Maintenace : including UPS chekup every 12 months 

- Gold maintenace : including UPS chekup every 6 months

- Platinum Maintenace : including UPS chekup every 3 months 

- Dimanod Maintenace : including UPS chekup every month

Note: Transportation is not included in the Maintenance susbcription and it is a $95 per visit.

9. We provide options for designing complex redundant UPS systems N+1 that can ensure system redundancy, load balancing and extended uptime for your equipment connected.

10. We provide options for Network Shutdown Systems solutions that can automatically shutdow or power-up in a predefined sequence based on server criticality. This will ensure your most important servers like Databse servers, Email servers, Active Directory or Application servers will always have more runtime during a power outage than regular servers or other consumers. We also ensure a Safe shutdown of the servers, so no data will be lost, or no financial transactions will be locked or lost during a power outage. 

11. Access to Electrical and Computer Engineers that can answer your questions and provide with a clear and concise advise.

12. Access to a 24/7 Support System that will log all your requests and answers provided

13. Access to a 24/7 Project Management System where you and ourt Engineers will work on all the projects that you are stating. You will be able to see project status , notifications, taks, Gantt Chart, Kanban scheduled resources, hours workd and so much more.

14. We provide the Evergreen Standard or Evergreen Plus option for battery replacemnt where you don't have to worry of buying batteries anymore, just pay a subscription and we will always ensure you have the batteries working as new at all times.

15. We provide options for total protection with our Managed UPS - Continuous Power as a Turn Key Solution.


What could happen if  The Uninteruptible Power Sypply is not properly sized?


1. In case of the UPS is not properly sized, you might need to return the UPS if the vendor accepts it and pay for restocking and transportation. You may also lose time and miss project deadlines, or the UPS and your equipment might fail or get damaged due to overheating.


2. In case the power outlet or power source is not properly sized, you might need to use improvidsed connections that might void the equipment waranty and might lead to improper functionality of the UPS or your equipment.


 3. When power grid fails or have high voltage spikes, you may experience :

- productivity loss due to the UPS lack of capacity to handle such scenarios

- equipment damage due to overload

- data loss if you have servers due to UPS sudden failure

- fire hazard due to overheating


In any 3D Printhouse, Engineering and Development envirnment, Manufacturing facility, Medical office, Data Center or Server room you have electric equipment worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, which can be damaged during power outages due to fluctuant surcharge of the power grid.


When power grid fails, keep your systems working with ROINRO's UPS - Continuous Power.

Eaton 9355 UPS 20KVA/208-220V-3 Phase for 3D printers - Recertified

SKU: 738891
C$13,700.00 Regular Price
C$12,330.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Continuous power systems are used everywhere, from homes, hospitals, medical offices, engineering companies, web companies, data hosting companies to army and governmental agencies that need continuous power during power outages.

    Continuous power can be provided with Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) alone or combined with stand-by generators.


    Continuous Power Systems main benefits: 

    - connect directly to grid and to the device that is protected. 

    - eliminate potential device damages caused by power grid fluctuations

    - sustain device functionality when power grid fails

    - reduce liabilities due to device unexpected failure

    - sustains Business Continuity when a power outage occurs for the duration of the UPS run-time

    - it is plug and play

    - it is more effective versus stand-by generators as it provides no interruption and continuoslyprotects the equipment

    - sustains longer run-time when using extended runtime battery pack.

    - easy system configuration 

    and many more features.

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