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Empowering your business with the right IT technology is crucial to boosting your company productivity. The success of most big companies relies on IT Infrastructure and Marketing strategies, which promote and make available products and services on international markets, so that every individual can access them via World Wide Web. This combined IT and marketing support is one of the most important strategic business drivers enabling companies to reach higher profitability and cover new markets rapidly.
Our CTO experts worked on projects for large International companies involving government and National Defense. With over two decades of leading expertise, we focus on short, medium and long term business objectives that help your business build a sustained accelerated growth while reducing operational cost through reorganization, standardization, globalization and infusion of leading edge technology.
Your business is our focus.

IT is #1 business driver ad now you have it for a year.

CTO - Chief Technology Officer -Yearly Subscription

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C$9,999.00 Regular Price
C$4,999.50Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • A Chief Technology Officer is mandated to find ways to create the best IT infrastructure which will enable the business to be more productive and grow fast, while being protected from any external security threats.  A CTO is always selecting the focus points based on the business type and the status quo of the business infrastructure. Among the CTO’s main focus areas are the IT infrastructure that supports the business core functions, the marketing system and the security of the business assets. In selecting the right technology for business support, a CTO is looking to identify the features that have the higher impact in business productivity, scalability, compliance and profitability.

    To better understand a CTO’s work and responsibilities, we will compare the results of an engineered seed to those of a regular seed. With an engineered seed you will grow a great plant by using minimum resources, while with a regular or bad seed, you can spend more resources and you will still obtain poor results.

    Set your business for success.

  • 1. Once you buy the subscription online, we will schedule a meeting and request information about the existing business strategy and systems supporting your business. We accept cheques, major Credit Cards or PayPal.

    2. Next, the CTO will meet with business stakeholders to discuss the existing business strategies and the proposed ones.

    3. Monthly meetings will be held regarding the IT strategy and the tools to be used to improve business performance, create ability to measure progress and meet and exceeding business expectations.

    If you don't use all your credit in a month we can add it to your TAB (account balance) and use it for other services we provide. The subscription has 3 hours included, covering the information gathering process (1h), the administrative tasks(2h) and a half an hour business meeting with stakeholders (1/2 h). Extras are at a rate of $199/hour.

    Please call and ask for more questions.

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