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We provide Runtime Extender Module for UPS units which extend the UPS functionality during a power outage. The modular system allows adding multiple units in disy-chain to extend furthure more the systems runtime. 

This unit is used even in the most demanding environments. supporting 3D printers, servers, medical equipment and other critical systems  where system availability is paramount.

To protect the environment and ensure ZERO contaminants are not transfered into Earth, we olso offer a recycling program to ensure all lead-acid batteries are properly disposed of and recycled.


When power grid fails, keep your systems working longer and safer with ROINRO's Continuous Power Systems.



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Extended Runtime Module for 3000VA UPS for 3D Printers

SKU: 59132
C$1,583.00 Regular Price
C$1,503.85Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • What is Runtime?

    The length of time that a UPS will support a given load while running on battery during a power outage. The maximum period of time that battery power is output from a UPS to its connected devices during a power interruption. Runtime is dependent upon the total load of all connected equipment.

    Extended Runtime Modules

    Extended Battery Modules (EBMs) can be used with select UPS models, ensure extended battery runtimes during power outages. Each rack/tower convertible EBM takes up 5U of rack space, depending upon the model, and can be installed in a tower form factor to match the UPS. The DC plug-and-play power connectors allow for daisy-chaining additional EBMs to an UPS system. The EBMs compatible have also have a built-in battery charger, providing Fast Charge Technology to quickly restore the backup power supply to full capacity.

    In case you want a technician to install it, we are always ready to help.


    Improbe Business Continuity with ROINRO Runtime Extender Modules.

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