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Successful projects need professional Project Management resources. Studies show that a poorly managed project uses more resources and has low rates of success

We achieve success through our Project Management expertise that applies to your projects based on the project type.

We've taken several projects that were doomed to fail and ensured their success. 

We approach each project pragmatically, by building its informational foundation and finding optimized ways to apply technology throughout the project, based on select frameworks and methodologies like TOGAF, Waterfall, CCPM, Six Sigma, XPM, Agile, Kanban, PRINCE2, Pert, Adaptive PM, Scrum and other.

We believe that good architecture is like a good seed and using efficient project management is like using an efficient method to grow the seed using minimum resources. 

We enable success with every project whether we engage in during the initial phase or mid way in projects that failed internally and were assigned to us so we can find a successfull implementation path.


Here it is good example:

We were assigned a project that was stalling after more then 6 months shifting from architectural phase to testing, while wasting resources without providing any expected results. A multi-billion dollar company needed to consolidate their 100+ web and email domains to one that had integration with all strategic business sectors, making the project results even more critical for the well-being of the corporation.

Below is the overview of what we did:

Meet with key stakeholders to ensure we gather all the information required to build the project critical path.

We redesigned the system migration architecture and created a detailed deployment plan that can be understood by any Web or Email administrator, even if they are on different continents or speaking different languages. We eliminate the language barrier and integrate an action item matrix system where we could monitor each web and email administrator's actions.

We created a hosted environment for buffering all emails and built a translation algorithm for received/sent  emails so the email migration would work like fliping a switch.

This architecture and its deployment  eliminated the risk of losing emails or put stress on internal and external clients as address books were not required to be updated immediately and the email communication was not affected.

By using email proxies as email relays we were able to improve security and standardize the communication based on new security policies. This was a major achievement that was added as a bonus to the project deliverables.

We managed to get the project deployed in just one month, versus one year as was budgeted, reducing cost consistently and making stakeholders satisfied with the project results.


Companies are hiring our Project Management services instead of one Project Manager because we come with a portofolio of  hundreds of years of experience and expertise combined in many fields, enabling a fast track project deployment, reducing cost dramatically and meeting deadlines with ease while fiting budgets successfully.

Your projects success is our focus and it is guaranteed.

Get a professional Project Management service from ROINRO and meet your deadline and fit in your budget.

PM - IT Project Manager - hourly rate

Excluding Sales Tax
  • A Project Manager job gives any initiative closure. Yet the job brings a wide range of knowledge that put's in motion the actions items in time in such manner so the results are measurable and resources are acountable for their part in the project. Effective colaboration and resource management is one of the main goal that each project manager is focused on, yet several others goals are directly dependent. In a world of continuous change, PMs are required to asjust continuously to everchanging project description and scop in order to accurately respond to business needs or to stakeholders expectations. The main focus of  PM is to keep all parties involved in the project enaged effectively at the right time so to better enable dependable actions and efficient results.


    Set your business for success with fast track Project Management.

  • 1. Once you buy the subscription online, we will schedule a meeting and request information about the existing projects. We accept cheques, major Credit Cards or PayPal.

    2. Next, one of our PM will meet with business stakeholders to discuss your projects scope (Information gathering).

    3. We will prepare action items for the next meeting where we will present options and quotes for various critical paths for the project.

    If you don't use all your credit purchased in a month we can add it to your TAB (account balance) and use it for other services we provide. The subscription has 3 hours included, covering the information gathering process (1h), the administrative tasks(2h) and a half an hour business meeting with stakeholders (1/2 h). Extras are at a rate of $199/hour.

    Please call and ask for more questions.

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