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We provide Battery Replacement Pack for UPS units (only batteries) for any UPS unit. Aside of the Battery Replacent Kit we provide an intelligent way to keep your UPS batteries at top shape and ensure you will not have a battery failure again. 

In most of the cases you know that your UPS needs replacement batteries only when the UPS is failing.

We are changing that by creating a system that checks your UPS battery life frequently and ensure the UPS is functioning within parameters.

To protect the environment and ensure ZERO contaminants are not transfered into Earth, we olso offer a recycling program to ensure all lead-acid batteries are properly disposed of and recycled.


Should you choose to use our Evergreen Program, we will alwas provide you with Evergreen batteries whenever your UPS batteries are having an issue.

When power grid fails, keep your systems working with ROINRO's Continuous Power.



Contact to provide you with a special quote for our services.


Thank you for your business.

Replacement Battery kit for APC Smart-UPS 5U 3000VA series UPS

SKU: 7211322
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Battery Replacement Pack for UPS units  includes only the replacemnt batteries required for the Uninteruptible Power Supply. The cables and connectors are not included.

    The battery replacement procedure can be performed in house by a user that is knolwdgeable in battery replacement procedures.


    The lead acid batteries that will be replaced might have acid lickage and may have harmful acid vapors that can affect your lungs, eyes, skin and other areas where you will have contact with the battery acid.

    We are providing over the phone assited replacemnt with our evergreen program so you can replace it yourself while going through our safe and efficient procedures.

    In case you want a technician to install it, we can provide the Battery replacemnt service along with properly disposing the old lead acid batteries.


    Stay safe with ROINRO battery replacent assistance.

  • From buying to using, we make it simple for you.

    After your purchase the Battery Replacent Kit and you want to reaplce the battery yourself, please perform the following actions:

    1. Use a thick pair of rubber glaves that fit your hands. It is advised to not be to stretched on your hands as they can tear off.

    2. Use a pair of protection glases 

    3. Use a scruedriver or other toold required for removing the faceplate, battery cover and other accessories required to be removed in order to replace the battery pack.

    4. Prefferably use a painter's mask or medical mask to avoid getting acid vapors in your lungs. It is advised before proceeding to wet the edges of the mask to ensure a snug connection with your face.

    5. Use a plastic tray or a think plastic bag to place the old batteries in it as they might be cracked and licking acid.

    6. Before installing the new batteries, please ensure all contacts are free of oxids and the contacts are very tight on the battery terminals. In case they aren't tight, you will have to use a special tool to tighten the connectors.

    7. Before attaching the cover and faceplate, try the UPS to ensure it is properly functioning.

    8. Take the Lead acid-batteries to a lead-acid certified recycling facility. Please do not dipose the lead-acid batteried in the garbage.


    Good luck.


    Should you need more help, we are here for you.


    Thank you.

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