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Virtual Disaster Recovery Services (VDRS) - VDRS helps you run your business with most of the core functions in another location should your existing office is affected by a disaster like fire, flood, tereorist attack, earth quake or any other natural diasaster.
- System discovery - identify the components supporting the IT systems sustaining your Business Continuity

- Inventory  - create a list of all compenents and their role in your IT infrastructure

- Connectivity - identify the connectivity modules and associated priority.

- Create or update network diagram 

- Create or update system diagram

- Backup System Analysis - identify the backup volume and the fastest way to back it up with minimal performance and business impact during business hours.

- Risk Analysis - analyse DR risks and select recovery technics to mitigate them in DRP.

- Propose systems to assist with DR - research systems that can assist the DR process.

- Build Virtual Disaster Recover Site Design - create the VDRS architecture that will allow the Business to continue uninterrupted during a disater.

- Provide options for for VDRS deployment and cost associated.

- Kick start for VDRS assisted deployment.


Twenty hours of consulting on Virtual Disaster Recovery Site are included in the Yearly subscription.  



Virtual Disaster Recovery Services - Yearly Subscription

C$2,999.00 Regular Price
C$2,699.10Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Virtual Disaster Recovery Service (VDRS) - general information


      The Virtual Disaster Recovery Services enables companies to create a mirrored business functionality in an outside facility where they can restore their operations based on the Disaster Recovery Plan.  The VDRS empowers businesses to identify and assign specific tasks and operations to each to each employee or contracted service in order to support the restauration of business functionality fast and succesfull. Don't wait for a disaster to happen, prepare ahead and protect your business, information and customers.

  • 1.You buy Virtual Disaster Recovery Services - one time, and you call us to schedule the VDRS session. You can buy this service online by any major Credit Card or PayPal.
    2.Once you bought Disaster Recovery Planning credit, you can use it any time you want within a year.
    3.When calling, you will be helped with the issue on hand, or you can schedule the work to be done at your convenience.

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