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In today's digital age, every business needs a website. If you don't have one yet, we strongly recommend creating one. Besides the main website, you might also need various applications such as Customer Service, Technical Support, Ticketing, Chat, Forum, Classified Ads, Customer Management, ERP, and more.

Purchasing and licensing these applications can be challenging, increasing your operational costs and complexity. We offer a solution by installing and configuring these applications without the need for license fees or recurring subscriptions. We remotely install any open-source application you require, enabling you to manage your business efficiently with enhanced visibility and control from your smartphone or PC. No IT expertise is needed—our support helps you grow into a large, successful enterprise.

Included Services:

  • DNS Hosting: Bring your preferred domain, and we will host your DNS.

  • Email Hosting: Access email via web or local client. We start you with five emails, with the option to add more for just $2 per email.

  • Email Spam Filtering and Antivirus Scanning: Ensuring maximum security and protection for your data, suitable even for financial and trading companies with the highest security standards.

  • Web Hosting: Featuring five security shields and the INVISIBILITY SHIELD, a 24/7 security framework that blocks malicious actions and cyber attacks. Our Honey Pot system identifies and blocks attackers before they can access our services.

  • Website Management: Includes deploying WordPress and your chosen templates for a professional online presence.

  • 24/7 Web Support: Comprehensive support with a ticketing and incident management system.

Optional Services:

  • Phone Services: Optional local or toll-free numbers with IVR, auto-attendant, extensions, and mobile integration.

  • Content Creation and Design: Professional content creation, artwork, and copyright services to ensure an engaging and professional website.

  • SEO Services: Optimizing your website to be easily found by your customers online.

  • Web Applications: Installation of various applications for better business management and access to client information, invoices, and more from any device.

  • Free Consultation: Get a focused plan to make the most of open-source solutions, saving resources for business growth instead of expensive licenses.

  • Virtual PC: Remote access to a virtual PC, with data transfer to ensure uninterrupted work from anywhere in case of computer issues.

  • Backup and Restore Services: Secure data repository for storing sensitive data like pictures, documents, and videos.

With our comprehensive web hosting services, you can streamline your business operations, reduce costs, and focus on growth. Let us handle the technical complexities while you enjoy the benefits of a robust and secure online presence.

Website Hosting + 5 Emails + 1 Web Application - monthly subscription

SKU: 8845321
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Subscribe & save 5%
Subscribe and save 5%
C$115.00every month until canceled
  • Why every business thinks of having all internal services online.


    Availability on mobile devices and on various platforms

    Cost effective

    Reduced cost

    Easy management

    An IT provider will provide, install and configure any web application you need for your business.

  • 1.You subscribe and buy 1 hour or more and you call us to discuss the business requirements. You can buy online by any major Credit Card or PayPal, or send us a check.
    2.You can use the credit anytime.
    3.When calling, you will be helped promptly and proffesionally by one of our agents.

    If you don't use all your bought credit in a month we can add it to your TAB and use it for any services provided by us.

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