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When you want to connect a device to your WiFi network and the device doesn't have a wired ethernet connection, you need to use a WiFi wireless bridge. This is a device that connects your device to your WiFi router or access point as wellas to your local LAN network and Internet. 

The WiFi wireless Bridge is flexible, as you can move your device anywhere you have WiFi coverage and simple to connect any device that has an ethernet port.

This efficient WiFi Bridge sollution is eliminating the need for  network wiring, cable provisioning, cable installation, drilling in walls or have aparent cables. 


The WiFi network Bridge is easy to deploy and has a very small footprint plugging directly to the power outlet without the need for power cables.


We go the extra mile and configure the WiFi wireless bridge with your network credentials

You just need to send the SSID, Authentication type (WEP, WPA, WPA2, AES, TKIP) and password so we can the configuration in order to make it ready to work as soon as you plug it in.


We make it easy to deploy a WiFi wireless Brideg, as simple as Pug and Play. With only one cable to connect, it can not be more simpler than that. We provide a WiFi wireless Bridge as a  Turn Key Solution with virtually ZERO setup time on your end. Simply plug it into the outlet and to your device and you'll connect the device to your WiFi network. That's easy. 

Run your connection wireless with ROINRO's WiFi Bridge.

WiFi Wireless Bridge custom configured for your network

C$199.00 Regular Price
C$99.50Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • WIFI bridge is used to interconnect devices without WIFi capabilities to a WiFi network. This solution allows devices to be mobile while keeping the connection with your network or internet and eiminates the need to install costly wired connections.

    A WiFi Bridge is more convenient to be used instead of hard wireing as it is flexible and esthetic, eliminating aparent cables or wholes in the walls as well as cost effective.


    Wi-Fi Bridge main benefits: 

    - connects devices without WiFi capabilities to WiFi network 

    - reduces installation time to virtually ZERO

    - Plug and play

    - more cost effective versus long wired connection 

    - no installation mess from drilling

    - no need for securing cables on the wall or floor

    - no tripping over wires

    - no power cables (direct connect)

    - compatibility with B/G/N WiFi networks

    - use adaptive 20/40MHz

    - simple reconfiguration process with video step by step instructions

    - live support to reconfigure the WiFi Bridge (optional) 


    and many more features.

  • We make it simple for you, from buying it to use it takes one step.

    After your purchase we perform the following actions:

    1.Setup the Wi-Fi Bridge based on the info provided SSID, Authentication Type and password and provide you all the information about your WiFi Bridge (same day). Should you want us to customize your WiFi Bridge, you can always send us an email with your instructions. We promise, you will have a WiFi Bridge ready to plug and play.

    2.Provision and configure the Wi-Fi Access Point and ship it to you (usualy is next same day)

    3.Notify you about the shipping info including a tracking number.

    4.When you receive it, just connect it to the network device you have and plug it in the outlet. You should be able to see your new device IP in the router's connected devices list.

    That's it.

     Should you need more customizations we would be glad to help you.


    ROINRO keeps all your devices connected through best in class WiFi Bridge.

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