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If you have a Business and you need IT support, we can be exctly what you want us to be, keeping your employees productive and helping your business to grow.

-Eliminate billing surprises from local IT contractors.

-Helping your users to deal with all IT issues in a giffy.

-Remote Instant IT Support, so ... no more waiting for the IT guy to show up or listen to lame excuses.

-Comprehensive Support Incident Management so all resources will be converging their efforts to fix the issue as a team.

-We will monitor you systems to make us more proactive and ensure your users are more productive. 

-With our inteligent and highly available systems you can better predict the future and control your business.

-With a wide range of Application, User, Printing, Scanning, Email, Web, Server, PC support and everything in between, we are dedicated to help you focus on your business.

-Standard 9AM-5PM Your IT Management Team - Unlimited/User/Device - Subscription puts you at ease and helps your users stay focused on your business.

-Low and predictible IT Management Services cost.

-No contracts and no hassle. We don't compromise or negotiate quality.

-You want a contract? We can give you one and a reason to celebrate when the contract ends.

-You want to pay upfront for the Year? We'll sure give you something extra to remember us for a long time.

-Start with one user ... you are in full control.


If you need to to contact us, about something (preferrably IT related), we are here.


Your IT Management Team - Unlimited/User/Device - Monthly Subscription

SKU: 9007
C$99.00 Regular Price
C$79.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Wheather you have one or more employees , you need IT support expertise to support your business functions and ensure somebody would be able to fix any IT issues when required. The monthly subscription will dedicate and prioritize resources to you when and where you need it and includes remote IT support and Local Incident Management, so you can have somebody in an instant working to fix the issue.

  • 1.You buy Unlimited User Remote IT Support - Monthly Subscription and you call us anytime you need IT support within a month. If you need support for more users, we have it. You can buy this service online by any major Credit Card and PayPal.

    2. Depending on your situation, we will deliver a small monitoring device that will be connected to your network (Plug and Play) or we will configure your network router to monitor the systems remotely.   
    3.When calling, you will be helped with the issue on hand, or you can schedule the work to be done at your convenience.

    As simple as 123.

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