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Fast Remote IT Support Services

Discover IT's power.



Our on-demand Remote IT Services restore IT functionality in an instant. You don't have to wait countless hours or days for the IT guy to come and fix the issue. We are just a call, text or email away. Our experts, who are Computer System Engineers, Computer Hardware Engineers, Programers, Database Specialists, IT Security Experts, Project Managers, IT Infrastructure Architects and Computer Technicians are ready to work diligently to fix any IT issues you might have.

Whether you have a system hosted on your premises or hosted in a public or private cloud, we can help. If you want to migrate local stand-alone physical servers to cluster of virtualized servers or even VDI and hosted servers in a private or public cloud, let us know and we will answer your questions and prepare the best migration plan possible.

If you have doubts about your IT infrastructure architecture, functionality or security, don't hesitate to contact us.

Any business owner's interest is to increase productivity and ensure the business is running at top speed, high security and without a glitch.

We also provide expertise to increase your employees'productivity and sustain business continuity.



General Remote IT Support

For any IT related issues you can simply call, text or send an email to ask our Remote IT Support team to help you.


How easy is this remote support?


As easy as ABC !

1. You contact us by phone, text or email and we help you with the issue on hand.


How does it work?

We send you a web link so we can connect remotely to your computer and fix it remotely.

In case your computer is down, we will connect with you and make it work again.

In case we cannot make it work through the troubleshooting process, we will send an IT expert to fix it or you can bring it to our office.

We could provide you a rental computer while we fix yours.


What IT issues can be fixed remotely?

In general, most IT issues can be fixed remotely if you have Internet connection. For instance, if the system is not starting properly or gives an error message before starting, we can advise you what to do to start it and then, once we have connected to your computer, we can fix it remotely.


Why would I choose Remote IT Support?

The main reason to use Remote IT Support is to fix the issue quickly and cost effectively. The cost of Remote IT Support is a fraction of the Onsite IT Support cost. If identifying the issue and resolving the IT problem may take less than 10 minutes, why pay $100 or more and have the IT expert come days later, when you can call and fix your computer issue now.


We fix IT fast and right.


Wired and Wireless Network Connectivity Repair - FTP and Website fix

We are here to help you if you notice your network becoming slower and slower or you cannot connect to a printer in the office or at home, or, equally frustrating, if you cannot connect to a website like YouTube, Facebook or other websites. We can also assist you when your media server, ftp or website is down or if you would just like to add more features like share and broadcast all your training movies or entertainment content to all computers in your office or house. We can set up your office or home network with new functionality like media server, collaboration functions, video conferencing by just using your existing computer (you won’t have to buy expensive equipment).


What do I need to know?


We will ask you to describe the issue you are experiencing or what you would like to do. We will send you a link to help us connect to your computer and analyze your system and your network in order to fix the issue or give you the functionality you want to have. We will keep you posted with all the actions we are taking and you will receive a resolution report once we complete the work.


When can I ask for Wired and Wireless Network and Connectivity Repair?


When you cannot print, scan or connect to your network, wired or wireless.

When either your media server, ftp server or web server is down.

When you experience a slow network, slow printing or slow browsing

When you cannot save documents on your share drive or other issues experienced in your network.

When you want to share media content with your employees or create an Intranet where all your employees would get the information that you want to distribute to them, like forms, user guidelines and procedures.

If your web radio station is not working or you are blocked from viewing certain sites and you are entitled and authorized to see them.

If you cannot connect to your business partners due to issues on your network firewall.

In the case of network switch malfunctioning or misconfiguration.

When you want to install a new network connected VOIP system and you need to have proper network configuration to support quality of services and provide a good voice quality.

When your security is compromised or your system and network is unstable or there is high collision traffic.

When your file or print server is not working properly, is degraded or is down.


How long would this take?

We can identify the issue in less than 10 minutes and provide you with the reason why you may experience these issues. To fix any of this issue might take more time, depending on the issue complexity, or in some cases you might need to have an IT expert come locally to replace hardware equipment and configure it to project specifications.


Is it worth calling us when your network has issue?


If you call for an IT expert to come and identify the issue, you might need to wait for a few days, and pay for transportation (50-80$) and then pay for his diagnostic services ($50-$100). We can provide IT support for a fraction of such cost and we can do it right now.


Get IT working for you now.


Windows PC or MAC Computer Virus, Trojan or Spyware Removal

Two obvious signs that your computer is infected with a virus or trojan are clicking frequently on popup messages and witnessing new browser windows that open automatically. Any computer behaviour that you feel is not usual, or normal, may be a sign that your computer was infected with spyware. Although spyware is a mild infection, it can hinder your productivity and in many cases can send unauthorized information to malicious sites.

All these malicious actions can lead to identity theft, compromized privacy or even hacking.


What you should do?

Call an IT specialist to identify and remove the virus, trojan or spyware that makes your computer slow or unusable.


What can we do?

We can connect to your computer remotely if internet connection is available or we may come to your location, identify and remove the virus, trojan or spyware from your computer.

We will install an application to ensure you will not be exposed to viruses, trojans or spyware in the future and your computer will be totally protected at the office, at home or where you are traveling.

We will be checking all your documents and desinfect them all if they were previously infected with malicious code.

We will monitor your computer for a period of one month to ensure everything is running fine.

We will provide you with a report indicating malicious software that we identified and all the actions we have taken to be remove the threats.



We will advise you to perform a computer rebuild if the infection level is beyond satisfactory or optimal repair. Some viruses or trojans may damage your system beyond repair.


Keep IT safe and virus free.

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